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Foreign Teachers wanted for English Language and Literature, Physics, Biology.

Local Teachers wanted for Academic English,IELTS and TOEFL, Physics, Biology.

(valid until May 2018, onboard time: August 2018)


Job Description:

·Successfully teach and deliver related subjects at A levels, using English as the medium of curriculum delivery.

·Provide an effective learning environment through sound behavior and classroom management.

·Ability to draft lesson plans on regular basis with clear indication of the targeted learning outcomes and relevant teaching methods.

·Assign appropriate homework, correct and give guidance to students.

·Keep accurate student assessment records and preparation of student reports.

·Other assigned duties as required by the School's Management Team.

·Participate in and organize extracurricular activities if required.

·Work cooperatively and collaboratively with other departments.

Position requirements:

·Bachelor degree or above in the relevant content subject.

·Recognized teaching qualification.

·Two or more years teaching experience.

·A demonstrated high level of commitment to teaching excellence.

·An understanding and commitment to being a team player.

Interested candidates please send your resume to