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About Us

About Ulink College of Beijing

Ulink College of Beijing (UCB), the former name being Cambridge International Curriculum Centre of Beijing Normal University (CICC), was established in March 2011. UCB is an educational organization authorized by Cambridge Assessment International Educations (CAIE) to offer A level (Advanced Level plus Advanced Subsidiary) and IGCSE courses and to conduct A level and IGCSE examinations (Registration number CN481).  Due to the expansion recently, we split the whole school into two divisions – A level and IGCSE, A level division locate in #1 DingFu Road, Xicheng District and IGCSE division locate in #16 MeiAn Road, MenTouGou District, Beijing.

With an experienced international faculty, our school has developed a positive and dynamic corporate culture, one that emphasizes close cooperation and support between our local and international staff, along with respect and sensitivity towards all cultures. We endeavor to take the best from Chinese and western cultures to provide opportunities for our students that will allow them to prepare well for life in the West and to enable them to succeed and thrive at the very top universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and elsewhere.
We work hard not only to produce outstanding academic results but also to develop students as confident, caring young people with the inter-personal skills they will need to be successful in their lives. We strive to help them become the best they can be. UCB is a place where very able students have the opportunity to learn in partnership with teams of international and local teachers cooperating to help them achieve outstanding results and move on to the very best universities around the world. Students are taught the skills enabling them to be flexible and independent learners able to cope with the pressures and challenges that face them in their transformation from traditionally-educated Chinese pupils to independent international students. They work effectively on their own, are able to prioritize their work and manage their time effectively. Students leave with qualifications and experiences which will allow them to flourish in their undergraduate and professional lives.



About Ulink Education Group

ULink prepares students to become global citizens with a Chinese identity. It prioritizes student-centered learning in order to promote student confidence, independence, leadership and ownership of their education. ULink schools are a bridge to overseas universities and aim to teach students the broad academic, social and emotional skills necessary to thrive and grow.
Despite its only one and a half decade long history, U-Linkers are one of the first Chinese educators who introduced the Cambridge International Examination curriculum into China. In 2003, at Shenzhen – the front line of the Chinese Economic Reform, U-Linkers played a major role in establishing one of the oldest public CIE School in China. A year later, through the visions of its founder, U-Link College Nansha (which later became the NCPA School of Guangzhou) was founded with the cooperation of South China Normal University. Since then, followed by UCN, ULINK has established four other campuses, located in Shanghai (2005), Beijing (2010), Suzhou (2010) and Wuhan (2013) with one currently under development in Shenzhen.
Over the last 15 years as an A level school affiliation, ULink Group has become world renowned for its rigorous academic standard which led to 136 offers from Cambridge and Oxford, as well as over 130 top 30 USA universities enrollments. Unsettled by the success and prestige in the international education community of China, U-Linkers have started another expedition by becoming the only school in Shanghai which offers both International Baccalaureate and CIE A Level – UCS received IB World School Status in January 2018, and the first cohort of IBDP will be starting in August 2018.


Mission, Vision and Value Statement


We strive to develop talented students who have scientific minds, achievements in the humanities and physical fitness.

To be the most trusted school for students and their parents

To be the first choice for outstanding educators

To be the favored source of students for world first-class universities

We will see our Ulink students who have the capacity to perform well on the most important stages all over the world!


Students our first priority

Teachers of utmost importance


Team work

Harmony in diversity

Learner outcomes


Confident and open-minded in communicating and working with information and ideas – their own and those of others – and in working both independently and as part of a team.


Responsible for themselves and their choices and actions, as well as being responsive to, respectful of and caring of others


Reflective on their learning and on themselves as interdependent and independent learners

Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges by being creative and coming up with solutions to complex problems.

Engaged intellectually and socially, and ready to make a difference in the community and in the wider world